Thursday, 14 April 2011


Hello to all my friends.. I just wanted to share a little bit of my story with everyone..
heheheheh..(So sory if my English is not so good and I use 
Malaysian-English for this entries)...

My name is NURHANIS BT HAMZAH but u all can call me Anis..
My matric number 126039 and I taking Bachelor of Human Resource
Management (Hons) at DPP Sime Darby...

This is my last semester in UUM and I got a lot of wonderfull moments 
with my friends...Thank you for all my friends because being a part of my life..

I took a paper 'Basic Computer Application' STID1103 in group C and I 
required to make a blog for an assignment. Before this, I don't have any
blog but i need to prepare one blog for this assignment.. 
For this blog I learn many part of view blog and how we create a 
blog for attract the followers..

Thank you for my lecture STID 1103- Encik Mohd Tarmizi Bin Musa...

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My Picture 2

My Picture 3

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